Easy Wedding invested $100,000 to take online weddings in the Metaverseh


Easy Wedding invested $100,000 in Al Haya Al Sahla to take the wedding industry by storm in the Metaverse. Al Haya Al Sahla is specialized in providing expats with legal wedding services in Dubai. The money will aid the growth of the UAE wedding sector in MetaVerse’s immersive virtual environment.

About Easy Wedding

Easy Wedding, is the largest wedding agency in the Gulf Cooperation Council, and is expanding its services in Al Haya Al Sahla. Due to Easy Wedding, hundreds of people have married online and in Georgia, Seychelles, Malta, and Dubai in the previous two years. Currently, the organization is working on developing a new digital destination for GCC couples who wish to tie the marriage with their friends and family.

“We’ve been able to successfully marry couples remotely, it’s only logical for us to take this experience to a new level through the MetaVerse. The current Metaverse market is reaching 100 billion USD valuation, with expected incomes of 800 billions USD per year within the next 2 years. We’re becoming the first company to offer a legal wedding in the MetaVerse and the new possibilities are endless”.

Florian, the Co-founder of Easy Wedding

Easy Wedding offers Metaverse weddings to couples

Easy Wedding has married over 1,600 people and helped over 10,000 expats with difficult wedding scenarios since its inception. In 2022, with the first MetaVerse wedding scheduled for May 19th, Easy wedding intends to be the market leader in the wedding industry. The founders Florian & Liz would be the first couples in the UAE to marry in the Metaverse.

After marrying hundreds of expat couples online and in other destinations we are ready to take experiential weddings to a whole new level. If MetaVerse can be used for playing games, creating experiences within workspaces and music concerts; then we are here to shake the online wedding industry”

Liz Nunez, Co-founder and Manager.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many couples have used technology like Zoom to allow guests to attend weddings even if they are unable to physically attend. Metaverse is here to take it a step further by allowing your guests to enter the realm of virtual reality while interacting with actual people. The company intends to extend this Metaverse weddings to other couples in the UAE and around the world.

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