How can a civil wedding in Dubai for Filipinos take placeh


When it comes to a civil wedding in Dubai for a Filipino, it’s not easy, even if you live there.  If you’re a non-resident but still want to tie the knot here, expect to fight the paperwork.

Different nationalities from all over the world can form legal marriages that are recognized as valid in the UAE. If you are a Filipino marrying another Filipino, you may have significantly fewer complications than if you marry someone of a different ethnicity or religion.

In this article; we shed light on how a civil wedding in Dubai can take place for Filipinos.

What a civil wedding in Dubai for Filipinos would look like

In order to say “I do,” all you need is a recognized officiant, a marriage license, and a few witnesses.  Unlike what we often think of a civil ceremony as jetting off to city hall, a civil wedding is more complex. Both partners are required to abide by the laws of their embassy and their country of residence.

Requirements for Civil wedding in Dubai for Filipinos:

  • One Accomplished Joint Affidavit of Witnesses form signed by at least 2 witnesses
  • Three photocopies of DFA-apostilled PSA Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR) of both partners Note: (the validity CENOMAR is for 6 months from the date of issuance and it is used “For Marriage Purposes”)
  • Three photocopies of the DFA-apostilled PSA Birth Certificate of both partners
  • Visa Copies and valid passport copies (Groom, Bride, Witnesses)
  • Recent passport-size coloured photos required of both bride and groom
  • Original DFA-apostilled Affidavit of Parental Consent for applicants aged 18-21 or DFA-apostilled Affidavit of Parental Advice for applicants aged 22-25.

For a civil wedding in Dubai for Filipinos who have already been married/annulled, they have to meet the following requirements:

  • DFA-apostilled PSA Annotated Marriage Contract/Certificate
  • DFA-apostilled Court’s Finality
  • DFA-apostilled Court’s Decision and DFA-apostilled Advisory on Marriage (with “For Marriage Purposes”) 

For a civil wedding in Dubai for Filipino’s husband or wife who is deceased, they have to submit the following additional documents.

  • DFA-Authenticated (red ribbon) Death Certificate
  • DFA-Authenticated (red ribbon) Marriage Certificate/Contract 
  • Notice: Applicants must revert their passports to the bride’s maiden name before submitting their applications.

If the Filipinos are non-residents in UAE and the Philippines:

They will be required to submit a Certificate of Legal Capacity for Marriage (LCCM) issued by the Philippine Embassy/Consulate with jurisdiction over their area of residence.

Final Verdict  on how Filipinos can have a civil wedding in Dubai

Getting married for Filipinos of different ethnicity, race and religious backgrounds will be much more complicated than same-group. However; love knows no boundaries; and if are ready to go beyond it all our expert legal wedding planners can help you with the right solutions.

Still wondering about your civil wedding in Dubai; book a call with our team to learn more.

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