How to make the most of the next long weekend in UAEh


While it’s time to get back to work post the Eid celebration 2021, there’s nothing wrong with thinking ahead to our next long weekend in the UAE. This is specially crucial for those who have been planning a quick vacation for a really long time or for those who have been putting aside getting married as they are time bound.

Holidays in the UAE

Lets be fair; the UAE does not offer as many long weekend holidays as one would like. Thereafter it is absolutely important we many the most of the ones that are available. To know more about the past long weekend holidays that have gone back; we have found them on office holidays.

The next long weekend in UAE for 2021

For most of us who are eagerly awaiting the next long weekend in UAE; then the dates aren’t too far off. The official holidays in the UAE will be December 1, 2, and 3 to commemorate Commemoration Day and UAE National Day, respectively.

This is perfect occasion for families to plan their long due vacation or for couples to pick a wedding destination to get married.

Final verdict on making the most of the long weekend

Whether it is planning a vacation or setting aside a wedding date; with the long weekend less than 3 weeks away; it is important to act upon it at the earliest. Planning at such a short notice can be a bit nerve wrecking is why we suggest seeking assistance from experts to make it a stress free process.

Want to know about the wedding destination you can get married over the long weekend in UAE; we recommend booking a call with our team of experts.

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